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Hi-Q Dastek (Monument Park / Waterkloof)

Situated in Monument Park, Pretoria, Hi-Q Dastek (Monument Park / Waterkloof) offers a range of fitment centre products including tyres, shocks, brakes, batteries, towbars, wheel alignment and 4×4 products and services. Hi-Q Dastek (Monument Park / Waterkloof) is also near Lyttelton Manor and offers TyreSurance. This Waterkloof Hi-Q store is ideally located in between central Pretoria and Centurion and is in close proximity to Groenkloof Nature Reserve, supplying and fitting tyres for carsvans4×4 and SUVs from leading tyre brands, such as Goodyear, Pirelli, MichelinBridgestone and Continental. Visit Hi-Q Dastek (Monument Park / Waterkloof) for advice on the best tyres to meet your driving requirements. Our store also offers TyreSurance.

Where to find us.

Hi-Q Dastek (Monument Park / Waterkloof)

c/o Hans Strydom & Veldpou Streets
Pretoria Gauteng 141
South Africa
Public Holidays – hours may differ
Being repeatedly voted the number 1 tyre retail outlet in South Africa…

Hi-Q has a trusted formula that works.



Wheel alignment concerns the geometrical adjustment of the suspension and steering to prescribed angles as determined by the manufacturer of the vehicle. Proper alignment will increase the lifespan of your tyres, stability of the vehicle under acceleration and braking, The overall comfort and safety of your ride. It is advisable to get your wheel alignment checked every 10 000km and you should ensure that wheel alignment of the vehicle conforms to specification whenever new tyres are fitted. It is almost impossible to rectify the wear pattern, once a tyre starts to wear in an unsatisfactory way.

In need of a service?
Check the thread of your tyres for irregular wear patterns. If there are any irregular wear or your car drifts to one side on a flat straight road, please get it checked out.

Get down to Hi-Q now and have a qualified professional see to the problem before:
• Too much tyre damage is done
• Unnecessary expenditure incurred
• Your motoring safety is compromised



Wheel balancing ensures that there is no imbalance of your tyres and wheels, and that it is consistent throughout. Correct balancing is vitally important to performance, safety and prolonging the overall lifespan of your vehicle. Get Hi-Q Dastek to inspect the wheel and tyre balance of your car at least every 10 000km. Also, take the opportunity to ensure your tyres are evenly inflated every time you fill up your vehicle.

In need of a service?
If you experience vibrations in your steering wheel or in your seat while driving at a high speed it is often due to a weight imbalance on your tyres or wheel assembly. Have a qualified Hi-Q professional check the balance on your tyres.

Quick safety tip
Regularly check balancing and alignment – every nine or ten thousand kilometres, depending on the speed and roads you travel on.



Hi-Q is renowned for its famous 10 Point Safety Check, designed to ensure that your
vehicle functions at optimum safety and efficiency. Our dedicated team of professionals
possess the knowledge, experience and equipment to detect and fix any problems your
vehicle may present, so that it is well prepared for the road ahead.

The following things will be scrutinised:

• Tyre tread depth
• Uneven wear on tyres
• Exact tyre pressure
• Wheel alignment
• Wheel rotation
• Shock absorbers
• Exhaust system
• Brakes (Pads, discs and brake fluid)
• Battery health
• Wiper blades

If you’re a regular traveler or planning a long trip you need to be sure your vehicle is in
good shape! So get down to Hi-Q and let our experienced professionals sort it out for you.